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When Bitcoin or Bitcash was first introduced, most people with cryptocurrency kept their coins, as there were very few places they could be spent. The list of online or offline stores and companies accepting Bitcoin, Bitcash, LTC, and other digital coins is getting longer and providing people with cryptocurrency with more options for making purchases. While not all stores accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment directly, it is observed that Bitcoin or Bitcash or LTC as a method of payment is increasing with each year. Some of the online and offline stores that accept Bitcoin or Bitcash or LTC or other cryptocurrency include;

  • Reeds Jewelers: and American jewelry store that accepts Bitcoin in both online and offline stores, and if a customer purchases is worth more than $25,000, the company provided free armored delivery.
  • Overstock: this is an online shopping store that accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment with a click of a button. You should be able to buy furniture, jewelry, electronics, and more use Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Bit cash.
  • Gyft and EGifter: Gyft is a digital platform that enables users to send, buy, and redeem gift cards. EGifter and Gyft use Bitcoin as a payment method to purchase gift cards and redeem them in other popular stores like Best Buy and Amazon.
  • PizzaForCoins: Located in CalifornU.S accepts bitcoin as a mode of payment for pizza.
  • Pembury Tavern Pub: allows customers to pay for drinks using Bitcoin.
  • RadioTxi 3570: a big taxi company in Italy that allows paying fares using Bitcoin.
  • TravelbyBit: a flight and hotel booking, accepts cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Binance coin. Other online stores to book flights that use cryptocurrency include AirBaltic, ABitSky, CheapBizClass, and CheapAir.

  • Burger Bear: a food joint located in London that also accepts Bitcoin as payments.

  • The Pink Cow a dinner joint found in Tokyo, Japan.
  • an online store that sells wall art and clothing has only Bitcoin and L.N as the only cryptocurrency accepted with checkout handled by bitcoin payment processor Open Nose.
  • Bitcoin.Travel: a travel site that provides apartments, attractions, accommodations, and so on.

  • Zynga: mobile game
  • Etsy online store vendors
  • an online store where you buy your favorite coffee.
  • Alza: a Czech online store

  • Jeffersons store: a streetwear clothing store located in Bergen field, N.J
  • an online platform for hiring freelance services
  • Cryptoshopper: an online store that sells fashion wares and gadgets

  • an indie game site
  • Bitshopping: a store where you buy outdoor accessories, fitness equipment, and furniture

  • Helen’s pizza, located in Jersey CitN.J.N.J, uses Bitcoin as a mode of payment for a pizza slice.


  • games for Mac, PC, and smartphones such as Android, Windows, and iPhone.
  • EZTV: torrenT.TV TV shows provider
  • Blue Nike Jewelry
  • A Class Limousine: a limousine rental service that picks you up at Newark Airport
  • NCR Silver: point of sales system
  • Famsa: the biggest retail store in Mexico
  • Coaex Jewelry
  • San Jose Earthquakes: professional soccer team based in San Jose California
  • Euro Pacific: a primary precious metal dealer
  • PSP Mobile: Dutch Payment platform
  • an online store that allows people to sell their products
  • Lumfile: a server company that allows free cloud-based servers
  • online Croatian yacht charter company that accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

  • 12 restaurants in the number of restaurants in San Francisco accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.
  • online shopping store
  • CEX: this is a trade-in chain with a store located in Glasgow, Scotland, which accepts Bitcoin.
  • Naughty America: an adult entertainment provider
  • Rakuten: a Japanese e-commerce giant
  • Webjet: online traveling agency
  • Amalgi metals: a store that provides precious metal furniture
  • Sun an online newspaper based in Chicago
  • Straub Auto Repairs: an automobile repair shop in 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson

  • Dream lover: an online relationship service
  • Intuit: and American software company that develops tax and financial preparation software accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment
  • Pure VPN: VPN provider
  • the easiest and fastest way to get funds with friends and family
  • Stripe: a payment company based in San Francisco
  • Las Vegas high-speed internet services
  • Grooveshark: an online music streaming service based in the U.S
  • Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto
  • ShopJoy: an online store that sells novelty and extraordinary gifts in Australia
  • One-Shot Hotel: a Spanish hotel chain
  • Stephen Silver Fine jewelry
  • Museum of the Coastal Bend: located in 2200 East Red River Street, Victoria, Texas 77901 USA.
  • Bitrefill: an online store of about 1650 business in 170 countries selling Giftcards and


and mobile refills.

  • Bitplaza: an online store where you can buy groceries, personal care items, and electronics

  • SFU bookstore: Simon Fraser University bookstore located in Vancouver, Canada.
  • AT&T; US mobile carrier company that accepts cryptocurrency through BitPay
  • Liefrando: a Germany food delivery joint with 11,000 restaurant partners accept Bitcoin payments through BitPay.
  • a store that supplies respiratory medical equipment

  • Subway: a subway franchise in Buenos Aires accepts cryptocurrency.
  • an online movie tickets store that accepts cryptocurrency as a mode of payments.

  • Gap, GameStop, and JC Penny: use
  • Real watches: an online store that sells both men and women watches and timepiece

  • SimplePay: the most popular web and mobile-based wallet service in Nigeria

  • That’s my face: a company that creates action figures.
  • RE/MAX London: a franchisee of global real estate network based in the UK

  • i-Pmart:, online electronic parts, and mobile phone store based in Malaysia.
  • Green Man Gaming: a famous digital game store.
  • MIT Cool Store: a student’s bookstore at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Mexico’s Universidad de las Americas Puebla: a major university located in Mexico

  • B2Bin Pay: an online global cryptocurrency provider that allows businesses to receive, exchange, store, send, and accept cryptocurrency across the world.

Some big companies accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payments, such as;

  • Playboy
  • Dalls Maverick
  • Microsoft
  • Expedia
  • The Pirates Bay
  • Benefica
  • NewEgg
  • AVNet
  • Norwegian Air plans to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment to buy tickets.
  • Virgin Galactic
  • BMW, and more.

Most of the online or offline stores or b2b stores that accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment are departmental stores, gaming stores, clothing stores, jewellery, mobile phones, fast food, and hotels.

We will soon be introducing Bitcoin Stores category, so our readers can save, whilst spending well saved Bitcoins and Bitcash.

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